Top 5 Exhaust Fans Under 3000


In Today's life, we all need different types of appliances in our homes and one of the most used appliance is exhaust fan.yes you heard it right we have filtered best of the the best exhaust fans for you.when we go the market we search for different exhaust fans but not able to find suitable one due to different reasons like company ,specifications etc so we have made it simple for you we are providing you with good review exhaust fans which are available in the online marketplace so why waste time searchig it in the offline marketplace when you get best item online with warranty as well as different policies like return policy where you can also return the exhaust fan and refud policy is also there where you can get refund also if the piece you get is faulty so dont worry about online buying .buying online from large sites is totally fine if the website is well known like amazon,flipkart here is the list of top 5 exhaust fans under 3000

1.Atomberg Efficio 200mm (sweep size) BLDC motor Energy Saving Exhaust Fan (Black)

  • Super efficient BLDC exhaust fan. Blade Size: 200mm; High Air Delivery Output: 800 CMH; Speed: 1600 RPM
  • Design: Stylish design that matches spaces for Bathroom & Kitchen. Finish types: Glossy
  • Power Consumption: 16 watts; Operating Voltage: 140V-285V, Number of Blades: 5
  • Operation: Smooth noiseless operation in spite of high delivery.
  • Included in the box: Exhaust Fan, Extended Warranty Card, User Manual
  • Best used for Bathroom & Kitchen:Ventilate the room and clear out the malodorous, stale air with our energy efficient exhaust fan.

2.Luminous Vento Deluxe 150 mm Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom with Strong Air Suction, Rust Proof Body and Dust Protection Shutters (2-Year Warranty, White)

  • Performance: Sweep Size: 150 mm, Cut Out Size: Sq. 192 x 192 mm Power: 30 Watt, Air Delivery Rate: 250 CMH, RPM: 1350, Suitable Room Size: 6 x 6 x 9 feet
  • Strong Air Suction: The motor produces an RPM of 1350 that enables this ventilation fan to draw out stale air quickly and make the room fresh
  • Blade Design: The blades are specially designed to produce the highest amount of rotation making the ventilation process quick and efficient
  • Rust Proof Body: Maintain the pristine appearance of your fan for a long time because it is built with an effective rust-proof body that will withstand corrosion over time
  • Dust Protection Shutters: When not in use these shutters will remain shut to prevent dust and insects from entering keeping your home neat and tidy
  • Air Delivery Rate: High-end engineering of this exhaust fan allows it to create an air delivery rate of 250 CMH to keep the room cool
  • Sweep Size: This exhaust fan produces the lowest amount of buffeting while maintaining efficient performance as blades are positioned perfectly at 150 mm

3.USHA Aeroclean 300MM Goodbye Oil and Dust Metal Exhaust Fan for Kitchen(Metallic Grey)

  • Metal exhaust fan with goodbye oil and dust lacquer on the blades;Oil and moisture resistant
  • Dust resistant;Scratch and stain resistant, Speed : 1370 RPM; Ideal for kitchens helping to keep the oil and grease away;Extremely easy to clean
  • Robust metal blades for long life;Aerodynamically balanced blades for smooth operations
  • Powerful 100 percent copper motor for high air suction performance;Warranty: 2 year Warranty; Includes: Fan and Instruction Manual : 1 N Each; Warranty: 2 year Warranty; Warranty: 2 year Warranty; Warranty: 2 year Warranty;
  • Mounting Type: Window Mount

4.Havells Ventil Air DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan (Choco Brown) (FHVVEMTBRN09)

  • Sweep 230 mm
  • Specially designed metal blade
  • Powder coated long lasting finish
  • Sturdy steel bird guard
  • 2 year comphrehensive warranty

5.USHA Striker High Speed 150mm Sweep Size, 175mm Duct Size Exhaust Fan (Brown)

  • Ultra High Air suction 450 cmm: Ultra High Air suction capacity provides a fresher and cleaner environment quickly
  • Ultra High Speed 2350 RPM: Ultra high speed for a high efficiency performance
  • 70% Faster Freshness than regular exhaust fans
  • Ball Bearing equipped fan for lower noise and less jamming
  • Automatic Back shutters: To prevent the against foreign objects
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